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BIO-TUNING® Sound for Self Healing

Bio-Tuning® is a Holistic, Tri-body, Modality for “Healing the Body • Heart • Mind and Spirit through the Scientific Application of Sound”

What is Bio-Tuning®?

Bio-tuning®, Bio-Tune™, Voice-Tone™ and Fundamental Frequency™ are words coined by Jeffrey Thompson, D.C., B.F.A. early in his career. He used each word to descriptively identify an important aspect in his research and then in his resulting comprehensive answer to a person’s body/heart/mind/spirit need for a holistic, life-giving, personal growth, peak performance program. All are an integral part of the Bio-Tuning Modality, which is not just a relaxing experience, though it is that. It is the Stimulator of one’s Inner Power to heal and bring forth one’s abilities and capabilities. We frequently refer to that Power as an “Internal or Inner Physician”, a Bio-organic Intelligence, or Life Force. Whatever name, for this Power Within, which is comfortable to you, is fine.

BIO-TUNING® Is An “All-In-One” Program

Bio-Tuning provides an individual with a convenient, fun, economical, and powerful way to achieve brain and nervous system balance for vibrant, productive, healthy living. 

All known to Dr. Thompson brainwave states currently offered in the Bio-Tuning program are available in three (3) Phases.


Phase I centers upon balancing your physical “body” (meridians, organs, the autonomic nervous system, etc.); your emotional “body”, through special additional testing to facilitate the resolution of past and current traumas and hurts; and your mental “body” to evaluate and adjust your belief systems, making them truthful and life-affirming so they can support you in your life’s journey.


Phase II, built solidly upon the benefits and foundation of Phase I, stresses higher avenues of awareness, personal growth, creativity and peak performance.


Phase III uses technology to give its highest benefit to mankind: deep meditation and ecstatic states of consciousness. It is the “Pinnacle” Phase, facilitating transformative spiritual growth and expanded consciousness. This phase has been found to complement many recipients prayer and meditation and accelerate your personal growth, awareness, consciousness, evolution.

BIO-TUNING® Is Very Individualized

from the first moment of communicating with an interested party, and especially later as it finds the specific frequency which brings one holistically into a state of homeostasis.

In each session, you hear and feel your vibration and frequency, each segment working to balance and re-train the nervous system into a neuro-synergy, a beautiful and joyous state of homeostatic adaptive functioning. This sound portion of your session is designed for you, utilizing Dr. Thompson’s hi-tech and very effective technology which actually creates the sound program for you. One then uses this program on a daily basis at home, as recommended. This is not hard to do; rather the challenge is not listening to the program more than the recommended number of times. Yes, it is a “narcissistic trip” – a positive, healthy and legal “trip” as many say, frequently emitting a “Wow, that was wonderful!” or “Oh, I don’t want it to stop!”

Because Bio-Tuning is specific to an individual, it goes to the causality of that individual’s challenge, concern or need, known or unknown, it is appropriate for all ages and all conditions. It is an awesome experience, safe for the smallest infant to the most fragile mature individual. (Pets also enjoy the audio programs made for their owners or for them!)