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Bio-Tuning Automated System Testimonials

“I wish to thank you for this latest Bio-Tuning program. It is working wonderfully. I also wish to take a moment to thank you for our amazing and breathtaking journey that took me from being a nervous frazzled headless young lady to a more mature, grown up and centered woman. I feel renewed, reborn, reset or almost as if we did a complete reboot of my system and I cannot thank you enough. My resonance to having FINALLY found what I had been looking for in all the wrong places started when I landed on the phenomenal website of Dr. Jeffrey Thompson and your work and I remember actually crying with relief after we spoke on the phone for the first time. That is how deeply I believed in the power of this transformation and it has delivered everything I had projected onto it. I was not able prior to starting our session to concentrate on much or give my kids attention for more than 3 seconds before I had to shift and overeat or create drama or be internally on the run. All this is completely transformed. I feel so much peace inside, so much so that I feel like the being that I always wanted to be but did not know how to be even though I am a yoga teacher, a meditation adept, a lady who has been to an untold number of healers. Nothing prior to our sessions had worked as I felt almost every day close to a nervous breakdown. I was in a rat race running my system down each day and affecting everyone around me very negatively.  I was “losing it” about anything from the slightest look to my kids tantrums. Now after we have finished our last session I have overcome so many of my neuroses, I am feeling ALIVE, HAPPY, GROUNDED, PEACEFUL, and am able to deal with the challenges of life rather than crumble, run away and cry. I love you always for what you do in this world, who you are, how you show up. Your insights were and are phenomenal and they live inside of me now.  I always looked forward to seeing you and coming for more and deeper work and I wish everyone on this planet had a chance to come see you . I believe in the healing power of this work and I am forever grateful. THANK YOU!  Many blessings and warm wishes.” Kristin, a truly beautifully receptive individual who let Bio-Tuning be the process intended  (Name changed for privacy reasons.)


“I genuinely can’t begin to explain the many results I’ve seen within myself with Bio-Tuning, let alone the results I’ve seen in friends I’ve shared the chair with. It’s truly one of the most magical tools available to the public, and I do desire to gather all the wisdom I can from Dr Jeff. There is no better method than first hand resonance in that space with him in the Holistic Practitioner Certification Course. I assure you, my world has gone from surviving to thriving, so due credit to Dr Jeff and his magical gifts. Of course there’s personal work to be done to truly achieve, but the catalyst of his Bio-Tuning and Sound Chair is undeniable! Thanks again for everything.”

Michael A – E-mail

“Omg, I will never be the same – that was the most amazing experience of my life thus far! And I did 15 minutes only, so by the time I get to 30 minutes of my sound, who will I be? 

I am transforming so dramatically….Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!!!!!!” 

Sharon F, Artist

“An update on Doug. As you know, he had a degree of dyslexia and a working memory disorder. Almost imminently after the Bio-Tuning Session, My wife and I noticed he was not switching words. e.g. mom for dad, yes for no, hot for cold. We hardly ever have to correct him anymore. His reading and math have improved dramatically. In fact, the week after our return home his math tutor specifically asked “What happened over spring break?” He was much faster at reciting his math facts. We had similar comments from his reading tutor. He is doing so much better. We are very pleased.”

Steve, a grateful Father (Names changed for privacy reasons.)

“Jim is much better. I noticed improvement even after he was listening to his Delta 1 CD. What I have noticed is he:

  1. Is sleeping better
  2. Is better at identifying emotions. Instead of just being angry, he is saying things like I’m embarrassed. Before he could not identify what was wrong.
  3. More social. He is home for spring break and came with me to a club meeting. I got two texts telling me how social and engaging he was with people who had only met him once or twice before. In the past when he met them, he was very reserved.
  4. Just more upbeat in general.

Jim may not acknowledge all these to you, but just as Susie was unaware when she was little, I notice the changes. I’m so glad he agreed to come and I pray that he continues to heal.  Thank you again for all that you do.”

Linda – A great Mom – (Names changed for privacy reasons.)

“We are doing great. Sam is not so tired anymore… He hasn’t skipped one day listening to his program. As he told me: I am almost looking forward to the brain-exercise every day when I’m coming home from school☺

For me – I haven’t felt better in a long time. The last program really did something to me. I haven’t felt moody – on the contrary – I haven’t felt so energetic and comfortable for several years!!   Looking forward to receive my next program.”  

Carol G – Denmark (Names changed for privacy reasons.)

“My life is filled with so my amazing opportunities now. Sound is becoming more recognized as a healing modality as well as a personal journey. I tell people that with Bio-Tuning they are taking a unique look at themselves from the inside.  Some truly get the idea, experience the sound and want to grow.  A few others look at what they find and want to run.  All good as they will eventually be placed in a situation where they cannot hide from what is within.”  

D R, Healthcare Practitioner