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Mission Statement

Dedicated to the healing of the Global Earth Body through the healing of individuals of which it is composed. The Center for Neuroacoustic Research (CNR), explores the matrix and boundaries of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies through clinical and scientific research, sharing findings through publications and by educating and training future Neuroacoustic Sound Therapists, as well as by assisting individuals on a personal level to achieve their own personal best through advanced, scientific Sound Technologies.

A person listed on this website is an Active Member of the International Registry of Neuroacoustic Sound Therapists, and is certified as a Neuroacoustic Sound Therapist by the Center for Neuroacoustic Research. Each practitioner has fulfilled the specified requirements of the Registry and has made a commitment to follow the CNR protocols for Neuroacoustic Stress-Reduction, Bio-Tuning®, and Sonic Induction Therapy individualized for each person as specified in the protocols.

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This is our local Bio-Tuning Practitioner registry. Here you can find a listing of all Bio-Tuning practitioners certified by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson and CNR who have taken our extensive training programs. We have two different categories of practitioners:

Certified Neuroacoustic
Holistic Sound Therapist™

Certified Neuroacoustic
Sound Therapist™

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