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My Bio-Tuning® System

Bio-Tuning® - What Is It?

Bio-Tuning®, Bio-Tune™, Bio-Tone™, Voice-Tone™ and Fundamental Frequency™ are words coined by  Jeffrey Thompson, D.C., B.F.A. early in his career. He used each word to descriptively identify an important  aspect in his research and then in his resulting comprehensive answer to a person’s body/heart/mind/spirit need  for a holistic, life-giving, personal growth, peak performance program. All are an integral part of the Bio 

Tuning Modality, which is not just a deeply relaxing experience, though it is that. It is the Stimulator of one’s Inner Power to heal and bring forth one’s own abilities and capabilities. We frequently refer to that Inner Power as the “Inner Physician”, the Bio-organic Intelligence, or Life Force. Whatever name, for this Power Within,  which is comfortable to you, is fine. It is that which heals and which the Bio-Tuning addresses to balance one’s  Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) into a beautiful state of homeostasis

What's Included



Heart Rate Variability


Sound Delivery




Digital Player

CD Burner



Benefits of Bio-Tuning®

  • Find the Fundamental Frequency of an individual 
  • Deliver sound frequencies/vibrations separately to the Right and Left sides of one’s body/brain Record one’s voice in 3-D stereo, reproducing their Fundamental Frequency 
  • Create mind/body harmonious brainwave entrainment custom programs 
  • Monitor the patient/client’s Heart Rate and ANS in Real Time 
  • Compose the Session’s Custom Program tuned specifically for that individual 
  • Play the composition in real time and fine tune if necessary as you monitor the RT-HRV program Record the RT-HRV program and review with your patient/client and let them see their progress Produce the custom work as a digital file or placed on a compact disk as desired for patient/client
  • Assist each individual to transport themselves through each of the 21 brainwave states Dr Jeffrey  Thompson has identified  
  • Feel the joy of hope re-entering lives, and the healing and growth of individual patients/clients Follow your own progress in an objective manner 
  • Delivery of precise sound frequencies and their vibration to the Right / Left sides of the body to train  or re-train the Autonomic Nervous System into a balance of homeostasis  
  • Renewed hope for being pain-free physically and/or emotionally, to be a healthy, happy individual Clearing the sub-conscious of the hindrances to health and wellness and 
  • Using technology to speed forward one’s evolution and ability to truly meditate. What You will want or need prior to or with the procurement of the Bio-Tuning® Program: A Healthcare Practice / Clinical Experience / Knowledge of Kinesiology — Highly Recommended  A Dr Thompson Neuroacoustic Sound Delivery System – currently a Sound Table or Chair (No copies) A light and a heavier blanket to cover the person when listening to his/her Sound Program What is needed to be a Certified and a Member in CNR’s International Registry of Certified Neuroacoustic  Sound Therapists: 
  • A personal experience of Bio-Tuning: the full Healing Phase recommended, 5 sessions as the minimum Verification of the use of Bio-Tuning in practice: sending CNR ID-free chart note copies of 3 sessions  (with sweep, voice and other) with 3 patients/clients and your personal evaluation of what-why-how  you assisted the individual and how you personally felt you did– May be waived for license and  experience 
  • Course participation and grasp of knowledge/application thereof; by license (Some MDs, DCs, ODs,  NDs, NPs, RNs, Mental Health Therapists, etc.); by clinical experience; by Participatory Internship and/or Attendance at a minimum of 5 CNR Webinars or any combination of the above. 
  • Qualifying or Proficiency Learning Assessment with a minimum passing score of 80% Adherence to the CNR Registry Code of Ethics 
  • Completion, Submission and Acceptance of Application 

A monthly, half-year, or annual paid subscription to be listed is required through our website

 A Bio-Tuning® Intensive for fuller understanding and use of the Program as intended A Practitioner Course (See elsewhere) to absorb the wisdom & passion of Dr Thompson himself The Bio-Tuning® Program & accessories: $10,100 or $9,800 paid with cash equivalent, lease, loan, etc. Non-CNR agencies (lease or loan) to pay on a monthly basis – Pay as you are paid!  The great honor of being an Assistant to the Inner Physician of anyone with whom you are working An opportunity to be a Member of CNR’s International Registry of Certified Neuroacoustic Sound  

Therapists and to use specific identifiable initials after your name as long as you are a Member As a Registry Member, an option to be listed on the Bio-Tuning website – “Find a Therapist” and Discounts or commissions on CNR-developed products you sell to customers unknown to CNR Early alerts to new products and work of Dr Jeffrey Thompson and CNR 

And especially the branding by being associated with Dr Jeffrey Thompson and CNR


Here you can find some of the resources you may need for your Bio-Tuning® System and the user manual. If you have any questions regarding your system or need help signing up for one of our subscriptions, please email us at [email protected] or call us at +1 619-514-4797


Neuroacoustic® Chair & Table Setup Guide