Bio-Tuning® System w/ Training (Standalone) (Copy)


What’s Included

  • Bio-Tuining® System Software & License
  • Heart-Rate Variability (HRV) System
  • Laptop
  • 3D Microphones
  • CD Player
  • Digital Player
  • Presonus Headphone Amplifier
  • Accessories (x1 Foam Electrode pack, 1x Stereo Mic Usb Adapter)

5 Day Intensive Online Training

The Bio-Tuning intensive course is specifically for training practitioners to utilize the Bio-Tuning Automated System. Stress is the ultimate cause of disease and this system is the ultimate tool for creating zero stress in the stress handling system: The Autonomic System. You will be able to provide the delivery of precise sound frequencies vibrations to the Right / Left sides of the body and brain to train or re-train the Autonomic Nervous System into a balance of homeostasis. A thorough knowledge of the Bio-Tuning Automated System will allow you to assist individuals to transport themselves through each of the 21 brainwave states Dr. Jeffrey Thompson has identified for healing, enhancing and expanding consciousness. Providing renewed hope in being pain- free physically and/or emotionally; clearing the sub-conscious of the hindrances to health, wellness and a happier life. Advanced features give you the tools for creating 21st Century high-tech meditation soundtracks tailored to an individual.


Bio-Tuning® Technical Support

Our Bio-Tuning® Technical Support is a must have as a continuing practitioner. Should you have any problems configuring your software, have any questions to ask, or need a little guidance from here to there, our technical support is there to help you. We only offer this plan as an annual subscription of $240.

Please be aware, if you get stuck with your software and call our tech support without registration, you will be kindly refused until signing up. We have extensive questions from our practitioners, and in order to keep our programming team up to date, we have to pay them what they’ve earned. All of our members are required to pay for this service should they require any form of support from our team. This is included with the first 30-days free to students who sign up to this subscription.

Monthly Meeting w/ Dr. Thompson (LIVE)

This subscription service is very beneficial to those who have continuing questions for Dr. Thompson after class – this is like an extended education Q&A as long as you’re subscribed. Whoever is a member of this subscription will have access to Dr. Thompson’s monthly zoom call meetings with his students, where you can submit questions to be answered regarding your practice or sections of your studies you need help with. This can be great for ongoing students and members currently in practice alike. This membership also will be soon to include an archive of all previous Q&A questions archived for all subscribers to view at their pleasure. This is included with the first 30-days free to students who sign up to this subscription.

This subscription has 3 different payment models:


Monthly Half-Year Annual
$40 $180 (25% off) $240 (50% off)

International Registry

In order to best promote your practice, we’ve built in an international registry into our website, which lists all of our subscribed certified practitioners who have completed the Bio-Tuning® System Training and received their certificate. After completing your exams and getting your certificate, you’ll qualify to sign up to be listed in our international registry, this is still a growing list, and now is a great opportunity to get yourself on the list to make a name for yourself. This is not an included subscription and no 30-Day free is available. Prices are as follows:

Monthly Half-Year Annual
$10 $45 (25% off) $60 (50% off)