For those who have seen Dr. Thompson in the “Heal” documentary, or more recently in the new Gaia series “Advanced Sound Healing Technologies,” you’ll already have a surface understanding of his work–how he integrates binaural entrainment within his music both in a generic practice, and in clinical studies. In this webinar, Dr. Thompson gives a broad overview of how his Bio-Tuning® System works, the technology behind it, and how he’s used it in his clinical practice for the last three decades. He’ll describe the theory behind brainwave entrainment, the binaural effect, and many other principles of using sound for healing that are backed by science.

Dr Thompson will be covering the following topics and more about the Scientific Nature of SOUND:
•    The Physics and Quantum Physics of SOUND: the fact that sound is the only force in the universe not on the Electromagnetic Spectrum; and that the smallest quantum particle of sound is the phonon…a unit of pure energy that moves through a medium at a certain frequency.
•    The anatomy and physiology of why the human body responds to sound in such a powerful way.
•    The full story of Brainwave Entrainment, Binaural Beats and Changing Consciousness with Sound; and “Star Trek” Meditation technologies.
•    Activating the “Physical Resonance Network” of the brain, brain-stem and spinal cord with low frequency sounds.
•    The concept of “Bio-Tuning” the autonomic nervous system (both the sympathetic and parasympathetic functions) with advanced neuro-monitors and by rebalancing the master control system in the brain that tells all the systems in the body how to function together.

Hold on to your mind as we explore the esoteric details of how SOUND and VIBRATION can heal a human body in distress.

August 1st, 2022