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Student Information

Here you can find all the necessary information on becoming a certified Bio-Tuning® Practitioner. You’ll find all the information about your course workshop with Dr. Jeffrey Thompson as well as the Bio-Tuning® Online Video Course and a link to take your proficiency exam. Once you’ve completed everything here, you’ll be able to apply for your certificate!

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Mission Statement

Dedicated to the healing of the Global Body of the Universe through the healing of individuals of which it is composed, the Center for Neuroacoustic Research (CNR), explores the matrix and boundaries of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies through clinical and scientific research, sharing findings through publications and by educating and training future Neuroacoustic Sound Therapists, as well as by assisting individuals on a personal level to achieve their own personal best.

A person listed on this website is an Active Member of the International Registry of Neuroacoustic Sound Therapists, and is certified as a Neuroacoustic Sound Therapist. Each has fulfilled the specified
requirements of the Registry and has made a commitment to follow the CNR protocols for Neuroacoustic Stress-Reduction, Bio-Tuning®, and Sonic Induction, individualized for each person as specified in the protocols.

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Levels of Practice

Certified Neuroacoustic Holistic Sound Therapist™

A Certified Neuroacoustic Holistic Sound Therapist has successfully completed a minimum of 100 hours of educational and training requirements in the theory and practice of Neuroacoustic Therapy and Behavioral Psychoacoustic Therapy, has demonstrated a holistic understanding of the body and the interrelationship of muscles, meridians, organs and chi in wellness and illness. Each has fulfilled internship requirements and has successfully passed the Proficiency examination associated with advanced work. This person is actively involved in Neuroacoustic Service using Dr Jeffrey Thompson’s Automated Bio-Tuning Program. Some have been grandfathered in due to their education, license and clinical background. Many of these have integrated Bio-Tuning into a previous Healthcare practice as well. This person may use the initials of CNHST after his/her name as long as a member of the Registry.

Certified Neuroacoustic Sound Therapist™

A Certified Neuroacoustic Sound Therapist is one who has fulfilled a minimum of 60 hours of educational and training requirements in the theory and practice of BioTuning / Sonic Induction Therapy, has fulfilled internship requirements using the Automated BioTuning Program and has successfully passed a Qualifying examination of their understanding and use of Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s Automated Bio-Tuning Program. This person may use the initials of CNST after his/her name as long as a member of the Registry.

Code of Ethics

Professional ethics are very important and are at the core of any profession. Each profession has an obligation to articulate its basic values, ethical principles, and standards. The CNR Code of Ethics states these values, principles, and standards to guide the conduct of Neuroacoustic Sound Therapists™. The Code is relevant to all in the field of Sound, regardless of professional functions, the setting in which work occurs, or the client population served. The Code only offers a set of values, principles, and standards to guide decision-making and conduct should ethical issues arise. It does not provide a set of rules that prescribe how Neuroacoustic Sound Therapists should act. Applications of the Code will consider the context in which it is being applied. Ethical responsibilities flow from all relationships, from the personal and familial to the social and professional…

International Registry Subscription

Our international registry is a map integrated page which shows a listing directory of all paid subscription members who are Certified Bio-Tuning® Pracitioners. This is a great way to get yourself “on-the-map”, using our in-flow of traffic from our branding. Users will be able to access your business information and location using the map through our website, funneling local business your way from us. Click Here to see our registry page to see for yourself!

Technical Support Subscription

Technical support is an essential part of owning your Bio-Tuning® System, and it’s one of the subscriptions we encourage our practitioner’s to have. Our software can be sensitive, and has a large range of tools which can be utilized in an almost infinite number of ways. Should something go awry, our technical support staff will be on call to help you through it. Please be aware, this is an annual subscription only for $240/yr, and should you need help – you’ll be required to present your Technical Support Security Code in order to get the assist you need.

Extended Learning Subscription

To make sure everyone gets the most out of their Bio-Tuning® Software, we have provided an online subscription based moderated Forum of Bio-Tuning® practitioners so our members can share their experiences, troubleshoot problems with others who have solutions and answers and client/patient experiences with different conditions helped with Bio-Tuning®.

Dr Thompson will also weigh into these forums when necessary if there are questions or issues that other practitioners have not seen before or do not have an answer to.

In addition, Dr Thompson will host a 2 hour Live Online discussion of various aspects of Bio-Tuning® / Question and Answer evening as part of this subscription service once a month.

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