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Members Only Frequently Asked Questions

If you are currently a Member of the CNR International Registry of Neuroacoustic Therapists, you have already been granted associated “Members Only” rights and privileges. If you are not a Member of the Registry, you may secure a Membership Application form to join from this link once requirements for the category for which you are applying have been satisfied. Please verify all information, including the times and results of your educational experiences with CNR, before sending your application to CNR.

As a Member, you simply login using your User Name and Password. These will be sent to you by e-mail, following the receipt and acceptance of your application. For renewing Members, or those whose memberships have become inactive, you may activate your Members Only privileges with a re-activation of your membership. Once your membership is re-activated, we will e-mail you the necessary login information.

If you believe your Professional License, clinical experience, understanding and use of the Bio- Tuning System for yourself and patients make you eligible for courtesy admission to the Registry, please contact CNR directly at [email protected] with the application and verification of what you wish to share.